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Electrolysis at Laser Your Hair South Florida Fort Lauderdale Laser Hair Removal


Electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent hair removal. Perfect for men and women. We use the most advanced, powerful, exclusive True Laser technology. We provide the safest and most effective treatments. Areas that we specialize in include: Facial, Bikini Line, Brazilian, Legs, Underarms, and Arms.


The electrolysis hair removal method is the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA for permanent "clearance" not just "reduction", of unwanted hair no matter if it's due to heredity, hormonal conditions or side effects of medications. It is a process that involves a series of treatments with permanent results using a fine probe the same size or finer than the hair being treated and current.

"Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method, since it destroys the hair follicle. It requires a series of appointments over a period of time."

The US Food and Drug Administration

How does electrolysis work?

A small electric current is transmitted via a fine, sterile probe (the same diameter or finer than the hair being treated) that is inserted directly into an existing opening of the hair follicle, destroying the dermal papilla, the matrix, and the germinative cells lining follicular wall; all of which can cause hair to grow and regenerate. Each treatment reduces and/or elimates the hair. Although electrolysis is permanent hair removal, it is crucial for efficiency in effectiveness to make regular appointments, especially when beginning the process so that there is a high percentage of hairs being treated while in their anagen(growing)stage. When determining how many treatments, it depends on the area of the body, how it was triggered and what has been done previously to remove the hair. A personal plan of action taking the various factors into account will be created for each client during the initial consult. Electrolysis hair removal may not seem like the quickest way, but it will be the permanent way to remove unwanted hair and in the long run it proves its efficiency in time and money spent.

Is electrolysis permanent?

Yes, it is.No other hair-removal solution can claim the universal acceptability and success offered by electrolysis treatments. Electrolysis safely and permanently removes all types of hair from all skin tones.


Electrolysis permanently destroys the growth cells of the hair follicle, preventing treated hairs from ever growing back. Treatment can be applied to most facial and body parts including eyebrows, chin, upper and lower lip, jaw line, sides of the face, breasts, underarms, abdomen, bikini line, fingers and toes, legs and back. Most other methods focus on immediate, but temporary, hair removal - visible hair, or hair that's inside the follicle but hasn't yet emerged. None of them deliver permanent elimination of unwanted hair.

Why should I choose electrolysis over temporary methods like waxing?

Unlike other hair removal options, professionally performed electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair, permanently, with unsurpassed results. Moreover, it does so for the largest variety of skin and hair types.

Waxing, threading and tweezing are alike. With all of these, ingrown hairs and discoloration may result. Additionally, they may cause an increase in hair growth activity. Depilatories and shaving can cause an irritation to the skin while the hair regrows quickly. These methods can require a lifetime of maintenance. Many can appear inexpensive but cost more due to long term use and are found to be inconvenient.

Are all hairs eliminated in one treatment or is regrowth to be expected?

Hairs have differing cycles of growth, many of which are not visible on the surface of the skin at the same time. The follicle produces the hair from the blood supply, and discards it eventually through shedding.

The process of growth, rest, and replacement are known as the hair growth cycle. Since individual hairs are in different phases of the cycle at any given time, multiple treatments may be required to remove unwanted hair.

Excessive hair growth, also known as hirsutism, can range from fine, vellus hair to dark, coarse hair on the face and body. Breaking down the hair growth cells on deep, coarse hairs may require more than one treatment. Based on a personal and confidential consultation, your electrologist will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs.

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